Welcome to Bad Rum’s website! We are a small production company, specialising in content that thinks outside the box, always with something a little bit different up our sleeves.

We are a group of people all passionate about film in different ways. Our passion drives us, our differences fuel us, and our collective inspirations create some great films. We honestly value the support you provide even by simply by visiting our website, so from all of us, thank you. We would love it if you could share us or consider us for hire on your next film-related endeavour. We are able to fulfil a wide range of demands, from weddings, to music videos, from script-writing to editing. You can get in touch with us by heading over the our Contact Page, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our shorts range from the comical to the serious, from horror to fantastical, so we are pretty sure there’s something for everyone. You can head over to our YouTube channel to check out our work, make sure you check back here, or on our social media sites for new releases and extra exclusive content!

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