Summer Filming

To take advantage of the time of year, Bad Rum decided to shoot a few more short films before we lost too much of the summer sun. And to top off this hectic week, some exciting developments in the Bad Rum crew came to be.

We had two weeks to shoot four short films. So we set to work, armed with the Sony FS700 and partnered with four talented independent filmmakers; Alex England, Jacob Elder, Samuel Clark and Mike Rae.

The first shoot was Do It Yourself, written and directed by Ryan Hall. DIY follows the story of a bullied teenager who gets his own back. Much of the shoot was set outside in the rural areas of Winchester,  and these long days in the hot June sun provided many members of the crew with fabulous sunburns! Oh, just a quick disclaimer, Ed wasn’t hurt when being hit by Ryan’s car… much. Overall, the shoot was a success and the Sony FS700 churned out some beautiful slow motion shots.

Next was the staging of Levels 2, again set outside in Winchester, just to polish off those sunburns nicely! Written and directed by Alex England, this short is a unique intertwinement of reality and the world of gaming, where a man gains extraordinary powers to defeat characters from Halo.

But that’s not all! Even after these four long days and only a few naps, Loz, Jake, Sam and Mike set out to quickly film a fire breathing short; Vehemence. Which you can watch here on our site.

Overall it was an excellent week of filming. We all worked really well together as a team and I can’t wait to get started on editing ‘Levels 2’. Check back soon!
— Alex England

And it is this very reason that we are so pleased to welcome our three new members of Bad Rum: Jacob Elder, Alex England and Samuel Clark!

So that’s it! 4 short films in two weeks and 3 new members. Not bad for a couple of weeks in the middle of summer! Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten the fourth film, stay tuned for information on the short horror Crawl Space, directed by Loz Morgan!

I’ll leave you with some touching words from our very own Jacob Elder.

I’ve always struggled to tell stories. Whether it’s a long-winded joke that not only takes forever to tell but also fails to deliver a punch line, or a simple explanation of what I had for breakfast, I’ve never been able to get my point across. Having spent three years in awe of the quality of films produced by Bad Rum, I was ready to jump at any opportunity to collaborate with these gifted filmmakers. Telling stories is their gift, it comes naturally and it is presented beautifully; the only thing that they seem to lack is a reliable, Southern-born cinematographer. I guess that’s where I come in. Recently working on ‘Crawl Space’, ‘Vehemence’ and ‘DIY’ under two different directors from Bad Rum has given me a taste for the complete package and I look forward to further ventures, as long as it doesn’t involve burning paraffin meters above my head!
— Jacob Elder