Bad Rum Promo

Hi guys! As the first month of Bad Rum releases are coming to a close, we would like to say a huge thank you to all those who have shared, liked and subscribed to us.

We’ve still got an exciting array of short films on the way for you, so stay tuned from some behind the scenes antics, trailers, posters and a new short every month!

Check out below for a little teaser to get that adrenalin pumping!

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Just as a quick reminder, each month we will focus on a different short film, and every Saturday we will have something new for you.

Starting off the month, we will release a blog promoting the film, and a poster alongside it. The week after, we’ll release a trailer, and the main film will be released on the third Saturday of the month. To finish off, we’ll have some exclusive behind the scenes content for you to enjoy.

In March, we’re going to be releasing Loz Morgan’s short horror, Crawl Space. Check back here on the 7th for the poster and blog!