Crawl Space Release Blog

We’re pleased to announce that our major release for March is the short horror film: Crawl Space!

Situated in an empty house in Winchester, Director Loz Morgan, Cinematographer Jake Elder, Sound Recordist Sam Clark and Assistant Director Ryan Hall, capture the story of a woman (Toni Campbell) haunted by a monster (Ita Drew) living in her attic. 

As the film takes place entirely at night, the cast and crew were practically nocturnal for the two-day shoot. The consumption of many cups of coffee fuelled them through from sunset to sunrise, helped only by the various scares from a fully costumed Ita.

It was an eventful couple of nights, but they managed to tackle an unnecessary number of tricky shots; which included most of the crew standing in a bath tub, or Jake cramped up inside of the small attic space. Even the huge number of moths flying in through the windows, only to burn on the Arri lights didn’t stop them.

Moving onto post production, Editor Alex England had a challenging task ahead. Primarily, he needed to composite the monster onto the ceiling, removing around a dozen motion tracking dots in each frame as he did so. The film was originally shot in bright light, meaning Alex needed to grade the film considerably to achieve the final look; dark and haunting.  Although we are making it seem straight forward, it was quite a complex and time consuming process, from which Alex achieved amazing results.

Arguably the most important part of a horror film is the soundtrack, so we left it in the capable hands of Sam Clark and his fellow musicians, Ben Clark and Zak Kempson to compose the score. They did an outstanding job, and we can’t wait for you to hear it.

Next Saturday we’ll have a short trailer, followed by the main release on the 21st. And you can check back on Saturday 28th for some outtakes and antics on set (which is definitely worth a watch)! Head over and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when they go live!