The Story Behind Park Life

From 2009 to 2014, I spent every summer working in a popular British theme park (that shall remain nameless). It's a job that consumes all of your time. You start early, you leave late, and you are paid pennies. The only humans you meet are your colleagues and angry unsatisfiable customers. You live and breathe a virtual world of shitty food and monotonous theme music.

As can be expected, my mind easily wandered, but throughout the long shifts and walks around, I noticed that amusement parks are an inherently cinematic place. It's essentially a collection of movie sets cobbled together. They can be scary; perhaps the setting for a horror movie such as Westworld. They can be romantic; with the twinkly lights and carousels of Adventureland

It was only when I saw the park in winter that I started to scribble down ideas on the back of receipts. Who works there in winter when everyone is gone? What do they get up to? That's when Park Life was born. 

It's a personal film for me. Not only is it based on people I know and the things I've experienced. It's also about the films that I love. It's meant to be a romping oddball comedy about two isolated guys looking for a purpose in life.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed bringing this idea to life!

- Ryan